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Book from the Ground
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Xu Bing

No. 1

Xu Bing

Title: Book from the Ground
Media: Ink on paper
Dimension: 210 x 295 mm
Edition Size: 199 (Sold out. Prints no longer available)

Price: USD 600 plus shipping

Xu Bing's double-sided digital print is related to his recent project, Book from the Ground, which was shown at MOMA/NYC in the exhibition Automatic Update, June 27- September 10, 2007.

More information about Book from the Ground can be found on page 70 in the June 2007 issue of Yishu.

Artist's Statement:

“Book from the Ground is a novel written in a 'language of icons' that I have been collecting and organizing over the last few years. Regardless of cultural background, one should be able to understand the text as long as one is thoroughly entangled in modern life. We have also created a 'font library' computer program to accompany the book. The user can type English sentences (we are still limited in this way, but the next step will include Chinese and other major languages) and the computer will instantaneously translate them into this language of icons. It can function as a 'dictionary,' and in the future it will have practical applications.”